COSC July L3 – Updated Information

Please find attached details for COSC July L3:

JULY L3 new version HJ290418 – Updated 10th July


IMPORTANT: Session times

FRIDAY – Session 1  (Run Time = 2hrs 1min)
Warm Up = 6.15pm
Start = 6.45pm
Finish = 8.45pm
Saturday – Session 2  (Run time = 2hrs 50mins)
Warm Up = 11.30am
Start = 12.30am
Finish = 3.20pm
Saturday – Session 3  (Run time = 2hrs 40mins)
Warm Up = 3.45pm
Start = 4.45pm
Finish = 7.25pm
Sunday – Session 4  (Run time = 2hrs 30mins)
Warm Up = 11.00am
Start = 12.00am
Finish = 2.30pm
Sunday – Session 5  (Run time = 2hrs 20mins)
Warm Up = 3.00pm
Start = 4.00pm
Finish = 6.30pm
Exciting raffle  £5 per strip   and a bottle raffle to try and win a tipple £1 a go !
A swim shop will be in operation during the meet

Additional information:

- This is a first come first served entry as we think it will be pretty busy.
- For the long distance events, 1500 and 800, we have not stated times but we will take time trials. Any problems when inputting entries let us know and we can input manually.
- There will be a very exciting raffle, one of the prizes will be an England Commonwealth top signed by all the swimmers, as well as other very exciting must have (watch this space) prizes!!

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