Swim England – South East – 2017 Open and Junior (Winter) Championships – 4th/5th November

Who for?: If your swimmer has an entry time a coach will discuss entering with you/ them


  • Swimmers/parents have to go submit their entries themselves (after agreeing events with their coach).
  • NO need to use SwimManager: it’s all directly done on the SER website individually.
  • To do so, simply visit the SER winter event page: https://www.swimmeets.org/calendar/showevent.php?id=797
  • You’ll see tons of details there on conditions, schedule, QTs etc…
  • To be able to submit entries, you must login (same as Spring SER champs), or register a new account if first time.
  • You should then have a section appear at the right of the page, saying “Competition Entries”.
  • Click on “Entry form”
  • Type the ASA number of your swimmer
  • Fill the form!
  • Note you can enter both SC and LC times, the system should pick the fastest one for you if you’re unsure.
  • Times MUST have been achieved after the 1st January 2017 and be shown in ASA rankings as set in competitions licenced level 1, 2 or 3.
  • Check the QT document to see which events your swimmer is eligible for: there is no point submitting entries slower than the base (consideration) time.
  • Forms MUST be submitted BEFORE the 16th of October 2017 at 20hr
  • Fees are only due once the whole lot of entries is processed and the club is invoiced for its accepted entries.
  • The club will then send a reminder/invoice email about the final fees, once it’s published.


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