City of Oxford swimmers make their mark in Scotland.

Set over 3 days, 840 swimmers from 90 National and International Clubs came together to compete in the Tollcross Commonwealth Pool, in Glasgow. Improving and posting good times qualifying times were the targets as well as race practice; but money was there to be won too!

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This last weekend of the ‘qualifying window’ meant Oxford swimmers needed to put in great performances to qualify for the British and Home Nation Nationals in July. City of Oxford had 17 swimmers attend this meet getting a chance to compete with world class swimmers including Olympic Medalist Duncan Scott and Commonwealth Champions Aimee Wilmott, Ross Murdoch and Hannah Miley.
Nearly all COSC swimmers made numerous finals; a massive total of 42 in all; several Jnrs (male: 17yrs and females: 16yrs) punching above their weight, making it to A and B, senior finals. The C-final was made up of juniors only. All the swimmers were untapered (un rested) for the event as their target is the big competition in the summer.

Safiya Sillah (16) made top junior in the 50 free, coming 9th in the A-final, thus winning prize money ££££
Nicola Ryan (21) excelled making 4 x A-finals, which included 2 x 2nd places winning some money in her main events (800m + 1500m) ££££
David Murphy (21) made 3 x A-Finals; the 50brst earning him 2nd place winnings and 100brst 3rd place prize money. ££££
Other Final winners:
Connor Bryan (19) won the B final in 50brst.
Evie McLean (15) won the C-final, 50free

Other COSC team swimmers were:

Max Bolcato(17), Emily Ford (17), Dotty Goodgame(18), Gretel Goodgame(15), Kenji McDade (17), Chris Motha(19), Illizane Pinfold(15), Geo Ratouly(16), George Rudd(17), Megan Smit(16), Max Underwood(18), Freddie Wilkinson(18)

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