County Championships – Withdrawal Rules

Please read the important information about Counties competitions rules regarding withdrawals.

27- The County Championships is a cardless competition and an active withdrawal system will be in operation. The Head Coach/Team Manager is expected to submit withdrawal forms for swimmers who are not intending to swim. The withdrawal must be delivered to the admin room NO LATER THAN THE PUBLISHED WARM UP START TIME FOR THE GALA that the withdrawal relates to. Withdrawal forms will be provided in advance of the competitions.

The inclusion of incorrectly withdrawn entries will be at the discretion of the Promoter. Due to the nature of the timing and computer link, after the heats have been processed incorrectly withdrawn entries will only be considered for entry into the spare lanes (if any) of the first few heats, on a first come first served basis and lane changes will NOT be permitted.

A fine of £10 will be levied in respect of each competitor/team who fails to withdraw and does not present themselves/s at the start of the event (except in the case of genuine illness or of a proven emergency, interpretation of which is at the discretion of the Lead Referee). Any swimmer failing to comply with this procedure over two independent sessions will result in the relevant swimmer being WITHDRAWN, without refund, from the remainder of the Championships and Competitions.

In the case of any relay team from any one club incorrectly withdrawing over two independent sessions, will result in the remaining relay teams for that club being withdrawn, without refund, from the remainder of the Championships and competitions.

All fines are levied on the competitor’s club and monies will be deducted from refunds. Clubs with no refunds will have 30 days from the last day of the championships to settle fines or the whole club will be barred from the following Championships.

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