City of Oxford Swimmers are on their way to Tiger Bay Open Meet

The daffodils are out and City of Oxford Swimmers are getting ready to cross the Severn Crossing and make their way to Cardiff International Pool. This weekend our swimmers will join clubs from all over Wales such as Torbaen Dolphins, Swansea Aquatics, City of Cardiff (hosts) etc. and also a few a bit closer to home i.e. Bicester Blue Fins and Wycombe District Swimming Club at the Tiger Bay Open Meet.

Competing over two days and alongside Para Swimmers, the event will be action packed and likely to result in medals and speeding tickets for many of our swimmers.

Like the recent Cardiff Closed Invitational Meet, for many of our Academy Swimmers this will be their first experience of swimming in a 50m pool and attending an external gala. So taking a look at our ‘Top tips for those new to competition swimming: advice for swimmers and parents’ on the website is a great idea.

The key things to remember are:

– Always check in with the Team Managers (dark blue tops) on poolside 30 minutes BEFORE warm-up starts for each session – they are in charge!

– Stay with your team mates on poolside throughout the session – and cheer them on!

– Make sure you’ve got plenty of healthy snacks with you in a small poolside bag (remember, no nuts!).

– Listen to the coaches, remember what you’ve been taught – AND HAVE FUN!”

In 2016 we collected a total of 70 medals and speeding tickets. City’s impressive medal haul comprised of 24 golds, 18 silvers, 11 bronzes and 17 sought after speeding tickets (awarded to swimmers faster than the upper qualifying time set for the meet).

Good luck to the swimmers taking part in 2017 and remember those skills that you have been honing in training. They will help you succeed and help the team achieve success in the pool. “Go Oxford!!!!”

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