Leys Pool Opening Gala

Leys Pool Opening Gala

Big thanks to everyone who has helped organise the gala – particularly Ruth Smith (who was tucked away in the announcing room), Deb Smit and coaches Liz B and Amanda.

There were 136 swimmers aged 11 and under were invited from Oxford, Wantage and Didcot ! Lots of the swimmers were swimming in their first gala, and managed to be the first swimmers to officially use the new wedge starting blocks in place.
Amanda Booth , head coach of City of Oxford gave all the swimmers a demonstration of how to set up the blocks help by some of the older more experienced club swimmers. All of the swimmers got a free ice skating voucher courtesy of Fusion leisure. Many Thanks!!
Lots of winners and lots of fun!
The day was a success and a huge thank you to all involved
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Results below

results Opening Day gala

COSC – Fun Gala – 24th January 2015

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