Are you choosing to fail?

There’s a lot of swimming articles about how to be successful: bet you’ve never read one that will tell you 5 Things You Must Do If You Want to Fail at Swimming.

There must be a lot of swimmers who prefer to fail than to succeed…..because in every squad, in every city, in every nation it seems like a lot of swimmers are doing just that – choosing to fail.

Coaches say the word “streamline” tens of thousands of times a year but does every swimmer in the team do it off every wall? No. We all know streamlining is important. We all know that the best swimmers in the world streamline off every wall every time. We know it works. So why doesn’t every swimmer do it all the time? They choose not to.

Coaches plead with swimmers to attack every wall with speed and aggression and to never slow down inside the flags but does every swimmer do it every time? Uh Uh.

Coaches beg swimmers to think “technique” all the time – even during warm up and swim down but does everyone do it? Not even close.

So, the only conclusion must be, that many swimmers actually choose to be less successful than they can be.

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