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Competitive Swimming Club in Oxford

We have a team of experienced coaches who will help your child improve their swimming and achieve their best.
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Club Championships - 30th Sep & 1st Oct
Halloween Meet - 28th & 29th Oct
Development Meet - 10th Dec
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City of Oxford Competitive Swimmer

Providing training and competition for children of all ages.

The COSC squad structure offers 3 tiers of swimming for all age groups:

PERFORMANCE for swimmers at a youth level aiming to compete at national level and above. This will require a high level of commitment.

COMPETITIVE for swimmers who are looking to develop their competitive swimming and aim to compete at national, regional and county levels.

DEVELOPMENT for swimmers who have other commitments (including other sports and hobbies) or want less commitment to training and competition. Swimmers will train in a structured but relaxed environment with a high standard of coaching.
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My son is thriving in his swimming lessons. The diverse sessions and elements of fun mean Sundays can’t come soon enough!
Learn to Swim Parent
I love the competition feel in the pool and I have an amazing squad of friends as a result of swimming with the club for 7 years.
Competitive Swimmer
A great, well coached masters club with a good variety of swimming levels.
Masters Swimmer
Just a short note 🎵 before heading off. Relocating to Belfast this week-have only really met a few people in this lovely club in these 2 years-however everyone is very friendly and encouraging. Special thanks to all the *cracking coaches* and thanks for your patience with my slow swimming and never giving up 😊. It’s meant a lot ⭐️ keep swimming, staying positive and having fun. 🎈
Competitive Swimmer

Discover Our Competitive Swimming Pathways.

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Rising Stars Pathway

For swimmers starting their competitive swimming journey. The emphasis in these squads will be improving technique, skills and learning correct training habits in an enjoyable but structured environment. Swimmers have the opportunity to start competing at development galas and team competitions.

Age Group Pathway

For swimmers aged 10-14. Training is focused on developing technique, skills, correct training habits and progressive training sets. There are 3 squads in this pathway, each with different age, performance and training criteria. Swimmers need to attend a minimum number of sessions. Land training, gym sessions and mindset training are also part of the training routine.

Within this pathway, the Age Development Squad gives the opportunity to swimmers who want less commitment to train in a structured but relaxed environment with a high standard of coaching.

Youth Pathway

For swimmers aged 13 - 18 who are able to commit to 7+ sessions and are looking to swim at regional final, national and junior international level and regional and county level. Training is in line with LTAD and swimmers are expected to complete an individual number of sessions. Land training, gym sessions and mindset training are also part of the training routine.

Within this pathway, the Youth Development Squad gives the opportunity to swimmers who want less commitment to train in a structured but relaxed environment with a high standard of coaching. The training focus in this squad is Triathlon/Open Water, Sprint and Fitness.

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Our Competitive Swimming Squads meet at 2 pools in Oxford.
Leys Pool and Leisure Centre
Pegasus Road
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Oxford High School
Belbroughton Road
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Our swimmers enjoy attending a friendly, diverse club that is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.
COSC's expert coaches are passionate at delivering the highest standards of tuition in an inclusive environment.
We want every swimmer who joins COSC to reach their potential and succeed.
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Craig Oliver

Our Head Coach

It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that I step into the role of your head coach. Together, we embark on a journey of excellence, determination, and camaraderie, as we strive to push the boundaries of our abilities and make a lasting impact on the swimming community.

I've been an ONB member since 2001. I have fond memories of spending weekends with other swimmers from the county, including COSC swimmers. We would participate together in events like intercounties, open meets, and Championships. As my coaching career progressed, I had the opportunity to lead the ONB team as the Head Coach during camps and competitions, guiding swimmers from all the teams within.

It is my belief that a club is not simply a team, but a family united by our love for the water and the pursuit of athletic greatness. I am committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity, support, and growth, where each and every member can flourish both as athletes and as individuals. Together, we will create a culture that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and unwavering dedication to our craft.

As your head coach, my vision is to propel this club to new heights of achievement. We will set ambitious goals, both individually and as a team, and work relentlessly to surpass them.

Swimming is not solely about competition; it is also a lifelong journey that instills discipline, resilience, and character.
Our Staff and Coaches
David Treadell
David Treadell

Head of Age Coach

I typically work with swimmers aged between 10 to 14 years old, who compete at local, county, regional and national competitions.

I started my coaching career with the City of Liverpool Swimming Club, where I spent 7 years. Feeling I had achieved all I could with the club it was time for me to take on a new challenge and test my skills here in Oxford!

- Swim England Assistant Swimming Coach
- Swim England Swimming Coach

Further Education
- BA in Sports Development
- MSc in Sports Coaching

Additional Qualifications
- Level 2 Swimming Coach
- Level 2 Swimming Teacher
- Level 1 Triathlon Coach
kate le fevre 3
Kate Le Fèvre

Head of Rising Stars

St Athan Swimming Club was my local swim club, based on a military site in South Wales (later to merge with Cardiff). In my teens I moved to the local SLSA club and began sea swimming and competing locally and nationally. I loved the social element of the club and began teaching the youngsters and working the summers as a Surf Lifeguard.

After graduating from Art College and spending many years working and teaching in the arts I came back to the water and observational training and creative thinking have been a surprising bonus to my swimming coaching abilities!

I joined the City of Oxford swimming coaching team in 2020 and took over the running of the Rising Stars (entry level) squads, in 2021. This has a talent development focus, working on stroke efficiency with an introduction to competitive skills and their first experiences of racing.

The philosophy of Rising Stars is a nurturing and friendly environment where the swimmers work hard and see progressions every week and as a result our retention of swimmers is nearly 100%.

I am also a TriFit Coach at Nuffield, a freelance School Swimming Instructor at University Pools, and I run an open water swimming group.

Swim England Level 2 Teacher
Swim England Level 2 Coach
STA Level 2 Open Water Coach
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